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Searchable Family Trees

With the help of Jill, Joy and Beth, we are slowly being able to take advantage of the data that has been compiled into a digital family tree, called a “gedcom” file. Using the tools included in a very innovative software called Ancestral Quest, we have been able to produce HTML versions of the ancestral family trees for Hazel and MJ. The pedigrees are now accessible through the “Pedigrees” link on the navigation bar, or by clicking here. On the “Pedigrees” page, there is a link to the ancestral tree of MJ, and the ancestral tree of Hazel. For those who have registered to use the site, we have also made available a download of the gedcom file containing this data. Registered users may browse to the download link, by using the “Member Content” link on the navigation bar, or by clicking here. If you have not had a chance to register for use of the member content, you may do so here.

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